Wildcat Hills

We went on an amazing afternoon of hiking and site seeing today ! On a semi cold , breezy day in northern Nebraska; we saw a taste of heaven God blessed this earth with! Just a few miles south on Hwy.71 just outside of Gering NE, sits a pine infested set of bluffs tucked in the hillside! Beautiful bluffs and ridges that remain hidden to the cars on the roads below! Unless you take the time to get out and explore , you won’t know they are here ! 

We spent the day hiking and homeschooling things that can never be learned in the class rooms ! Teaching our kids how to read maps , correct procedure in hiking and life skills that I hope they will pass on to their kids! The weather was perfect and we were able to spend the afternoon enjoying the great outdoors that is our main reason for starting this program of living life to the fullest! I wouldn’t change these opportunities for all the money and materialistic things in the world! We are raising warriors and the primal instinct runs deep in our vanes ! 

The hunt is the seeking of knowledge for us! The meat and the antlers are a bonus ! Always learning, growing, and gaining the things that can never be taken away from us is the things I cherish  the most! It’s a passion I hope they take to heart ! Hunts and fishing are just a small portion of what we do! We are all about the outdoors , conservation, and keeping this world in its raw and unharmed form for grandkids ! We do that by respecting it , protecting it, and preserving it ! 

Thanks to all who serve our country, protect our home land , and keep us safe ! Allowing us to enjoy this great land and country! We give back through our DEFENDERS PROGRAM; it’s just a small way of us saying thank u! And thanks to all our supporters and family that keep us going!! God Bless You All! 

Gering NE

All we have been here for a while now , I guess going on two weeks and I must say it’s completely different from our last stay ! Neither good nor bad! We do miss a lot of ppl back in Bassett, and little things we could do! However having things closer at hand is nice too with kids.Its different too waking up to mountainous settings every morning instead of rolling farm land ! 

We are able to hike Scott’s Bluff and learn about the unique history here! Our nations westward expansion , came right through this area! The Oregon and Mormon Trails both used the North Platte River as not only water source but becon guiding them out west to Oregon and later on California in a matter of speaking! 

It’s been fun this year watching the kids learn about stuff first hand ! Letting them see the world through their own eyes ; instead of reading about how someone else saw it! I laugh because even in Cabela’s they found an interactive video by the animal display ! Heck I learned some things about some stuff i didn’t know! We have always taught them ; you have one life, go live it! I want them to be passionate about life , not afraid to take risks, willing to sacrifice whatever needed to accomplish their goals! They have a word for that but I just can’t remember what it is………OH YEAH AMBITION!!!! Lol; we must give them guidance, knowledge, and the since for adventure! Don’t shape and mold the future! That’s God’s job! 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts here at QUINT T OUTDOORS for supporting us through prayers and our Defenders Program ! Just the fact that we have reached one person through our mission is overwhelming! Although we won’t stop until God tells us to! It is getting bigger and bigger daily ! And we thank you , our followers, for spreading the word of our mission!

Thank you:  TJ Thomas quinttoutdoors@gmail.com       

Scott’s Bluff 

What an amazing time we had today ! Spent the day hiking and exploring the Oregon Trail ! Learned so much today about our history in western expansion! I love homeschool the way we are doing it! Teaching the first hand instead of just reading about it textbooks! 

Not everyone understands the importance of teaching our kids the way we do , but it works for us! I want our kids to be able to say they have seen the world instead of just reading about it! I want them to have memories full of adventures and self independence! Jennifer and I agreed a long time ago when we decided to homeschool, that we wanted our kids to have memories of fun and educational times not just worksheets! 

We aren’t just about hunting and fishing , but exploring and not being afraid of taking risks, following their hearts and desires, as well as having dreams and having confidence in themselves to sacrifice in order to make them possible! They learn how to give back through our Defenders Program, and how much we rely on our defenders in order to enjoy the great outdoors that we love so much! 


Your not good enough, your too slow, your too fat, your too skinny, you will never make it, you can afford it, you have been a failure your whole life! All things I have heard and felt most of my entire life! Truth is I have failed more than I got right! Normal isn’t a word I live by! My thinking is so different that most make fun of me or give a hard time in good fun and I’m ok with that! 

In the words of my good buddy Curt Thomas; ” you must first learn how to fail , in order to then succeed !” He’s right! Michael Jordan, Cam Hanes, even Troy Aikman failed many times before getting it right! Failure is the foundation of success ! I believe it’s because it teaches you who you are, what you are made of, and even how to dig deep and fight through! God himself said in 2 Timothy 2:5 ” But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.” We must, in my opinion, fail in order to know what we are created for! By failing it gives us a platform to work from! It gives us motivation, not discouragement ! It shows us our character! Gold must be put through a melting process in order to get the impurities out so it can be its purest form! 

You want to be successful, then get up and fail! Get up and move ! See an evangelist, is part of the five fold ministries of God! He or she , goes about spreading the word ! They go in and face many critics , na sayers , and unbelievers ! They get told no, or get out! They get rejected and made fun of because ppl don’t want accept what they are saying! But they keep going because it’s their calling, it’s their duty, and they will stop at nothing to see Gods word manifest in the lives of the ppl who doubt them! So what are u made of? What are u going to believe in? Are u going to trust what’s in your heart ? Or what ppl tell u? It’s not going to an overnight success ! It’s not going to be easy! You will fail many times ! You will doubt yourself, and you will have to look at yourself in the mirror every morning and night; and dig down to find the strength to go on and reach for your dreams! 

In my opinion, if you don’t have dreams , then what are u getting up for anyway! There is more to life than work and bills! Ppl all the time tell me : you are so lucky, I wish I could do what you do! Truth is ; I have given up materialistic things to get here , I have struggled my whole life according to to what this world says is normal! I haven’t had big houses, nice trucks , expensive toys , or things that others need! I worked and sold and traded up bows to get where I am today! I’ve been through some of the worst and harsh conditions in life ! Many times I wanted to give up, back out, and go the normal trail! But my wife , through Gods mercy and grace kept me focused ! She believed in me and our vision ! She has been my backbone and Jesus my refuge! 

So if you want to be successful, if you want to live your dream, get up and try! Eric Thomas said once on a video ; if you want to be successful; you have to want it more than you want to breath! I hold that in my heart every day! I find scripture , and stand on it! I will let nothing , not even money stop me from reaching my goals ! So to be successful; get motivated , get focused , & get ready to fail! It’s rough ! But it’s worth it!! Life is too short, not too!! Don’t stop till you reach the top!! 


Here we go again on the road to our next set of adventures! My apologies for not getting on here sooner , but we were enjoying some down time at home! We are looking forward to this trip because of where we are stationed is so close to many different places we are wanting to go! Only a few hours away from Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota; with tons of lakes and ponds! Being in the outdoors is truly becoming our way of life! 

We made the long journey from Texas to Pueblo CO. yesterday and to be honest it wasn’t that bad! We took our time and just enjoyed the trip! Now we must get in the car and finish our trip by driving into Gering NE ! Looking forward to seeing our new home for moment ! But are learning that home is where we are not building! We are become closer with each other and leaning on each other more than ever before! So stayed tuned and spread the word of Quint T Outdoors ! Thanks to all the family and friends who are praying for us and supporting us! 


Wow! What a welcoming we received coming home! It’s been an amazing time getting to see everyone and see the place again after what seems like a year! It’s good butbwe know it’s only temporary and God has a new adventure just around the corner! Meetings in San Antonio and jennifer working has made the homecoming less than relaxing! 

But nevertheless we have enjoyed getting to take a break from the busy traveling schedule! It’s a great lifestyle and I wouldn’t change it ; especially after seeking and praying for such an opportunity! And how could we ever take for granted the ppl like Dale & Mandy Davis that have made this amazing adventure seem less than home! We can’t thank them enough for putting up with us and our boys! The out of the way places , lakes , and wildlife in the tucked in places that make this life worth it  are why we do it! 

My prayer for you is never take this life for grayand always never stop reaching to be your best! Embrace Gods call upon your life and never quite reaching for the full potential of your very best! Thank you to all the ppl who support our page and journey! We love you all and couldn’t do it without you and our team members!! 


Our first journey here in Nebraska is coming to an end! We have had an amazing time and met tons of friends we will have for a lifetime! We have spent a lot of time ministering and talking with people that have also helped us see that taking a stand and reaching out does make a different only in individual lives but as a whole! Living and homeschooling on the road has taught us so much about ourselves and how we can grow as individuals as well! We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and our family! 

We have gotten to see things and go places that we never dreamed possible or even knew existed! While our faith and perseverance has grown; we’ve also learned that we have so much work to do in our faith walk and individual walks with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ! I feel like it’s something we must never take for granted or stop trying to grow and learn from! Our main goal was always to help encourage people to never stop trying to be your best and not to be afraid to step out on faith! Leaving behind the materialistic lifestyle isn’t easy and is not for everyone but I highly recommend learning to not let the love of money or things interfere with growth and walk as Christian or a person itself! 

Teaching our kids is number 2 goal as parents;following number 1 of being the best for God we can be! Without God in the lead we cannot be the best for our kids! Remember what father in the lord Glenn Smith once told me ! “The best decision you ever made , got you exactly where you are today”! So God must remain your leader , and must remain your biggest focus! 

Quint T is growing and our Defenders Program is taking off! Sales on coolers has really exploded and I have had the privilege of signing up many new dealers across the nation! Our building awareness for our Defenders Program has been our main focus for the past few weeks and has really been exceptional with the ppl we have talked to! I look Forward to the next bud adventure that lies ahead for us and the countless fishing and hunting trips that we’ll get to embark on!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and prayers that you have sent our way!! Until next time ; be blessed and praying for Gods favor upon your lives ! Thank you to Chad Bales , Curt Thomas , and Michael Lawrence for being apart of this team! Thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication!! 

TJ Thomas 

Quint T Outdoors