Our first journey here in Nebraska is coming to an end! We have had an amazing time and met tons of friends we will have for a lifetime! We have spent a lot of time ministering and talking with people that have also helped us see that taking a stand and reaching out does make a different only in individual lives but as a whole! Living and homeschooling on the road has taught us so much about ourselves and how we can grow as individuals as well! We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and our family! 

We have gotten to see things and go places that we never dreamed possible or even knew existed! While our faith and perseverance has grown; we’ve also learned that we have so much work to do in our faith walk and individual walks with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ! I feel like it’s something we must never take for granted or stop trying to grow and learn from! Our main goal was always to help encourage people to never stop trying to be your best and not to be afraid to step out on faith! Leaving behind the materialistic lifestyle isn’t easy and is not for everyone but I highly recommend learning to not let the love of money or things interfere with growth and walk as Christian or a person itself! 

Teaching our kids is number 2 goal as parents;following number 1 of being the best for God we can be! Without God in the lead we cannot be the best for our kids! Remember what father in the lord Glenn Smith once told me ! “The best decision you ever made , got you exactly where you are today”! So God must remain your leader , and must remain your biggest focus! 

Quint T is growing and our Defenders Program is taking off! Sales on coolers has really exploded and I have had the privilege of signing up many new dealers across the nation! Our building awareness for our Defenders Program has been our main focus for the past few weeks and has really been exceptional with the ppl we have talked to! I look Forward to the next bud adventure that lies ahead for us and the countless fishing and hunting trips that we’ll get to embark on!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and prayers that you have sent our way!! Until next time ; be blessed and praying for Gods favor upon your lives ! Thank you to Chad Bales , Curt Thomas , and Michael Lawrence for being apart of this team! Thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication!! 

TJ Thomas 

Quint T Outdoors


All I can say is what an amazing trip this has been! From our time hanging out at the mall yesterday to our time at the zoo today! We left as soon as Jenifer got off work on Friday and drove the four hours over to Omaha! Went by the mall and ate and explored ! Then came to the hotel and played in the pool with the kids, are dinner and got ready for an exciting day at the zoo the next day!

Henry Doorly Zoo is the #1 ranked zoo in the USA! By no means were we let down! From the many different environments, to the countless animals & aquarium the kids eyes never stopped being amazed! We had the time of our lives today! The way they have the zoo laid out is something I’ve never seen before! You actually feel like your in the country ,continent, and environment they have set up for you! I can truly say that if you have the time , make this zoo a must on your todo list! 

Tomorrow we plan on checking out Bass Pro Shop in Iowa and the largest Cabelas right here in Nebraska on our way back to our 2nd home in Bassett! We only have a little while longer before returning home for a short break before hitting it again on our summer fishing run in many more exciting states! Thank you all for all your prayers, support, & grateful for all the friends we have made along the way!! 

New Trails

How many times in life do you feel stuck, in a rut, or just living in monotony? So many times in life we get tired , board , and just are ready for a change! We are human and are all different! Some of us embrace change, and look forward to the new and different around very corner! Others hate change and like things just the way they are! If something we’re to go astray we’d loose our minds and security! 

My point is this; no matter what we like , change and new trails are inevitable! Wheather big or small it’s coming! We can’t sit still in this ever changing world we live in! Form phones , to computers, to our hunting and fishing, to our daily jobs; new trails are just apart of life! New things are constantly coming at us and we must learn to adjust and roll with them or we are going to become stagnant! Some are easy and take hardly any thought! Some are life changing and take lots of prayer and seeking! But to follow God and become the best we can be we must evolve or get left behind! 

My family has not always handled change very well , but we’ve learned that this fact is true and used change to the best of our abilities! New Trails bring good and bad things all together ! However ; with those Trails always lead to us being the best that we can be ! The hardships test our faith , perseverance, and patience!( See James 1:3) New Trails also brings new experiences and new adventures that otherwise we’d never see ! We have chosen to take these new trails with an open mind, heart , & look forward to the good that comes with them! Even though it’s always easy and comfortable! 

The heavy heat that comes with the purification of gold ; also makes the gold more pure, more valuable, & more perfect than when it was just buried in the ground unseen, and unnoticed by the world! God also uses the same process in our lives to make us more valuable to him and the people around us that we are intended to reach and minister with to help make them the best that they can be!! 

So stay focused, stay strong , & keep reaching for your dreams and ambitions! The New Trails in your life are Gods way of making you your best!! We love you all and thank you for the prayers and help along the way! We need all the encouragement you can spare and thank u for supporting our adventures and hope it encourages you to be your best!! 

TJ Thomas 


What an amazing day! It’s was in the mid 40’s and rainy so we decided to get out and about! We drove an hour over Valentine and go exploring; and explore we did! We found a nice little set of water falls tucked nicely in the rolling plains of northern Nebraska! Just about 20 miles east on Hwy 12 is Smith Falls! It’s sprinkled on us the entire time making it the perfect atmosphere for the water fall feeling! Down a little rocky path we went crossing over a neat little bridge and up several set of winding stairs and into Gods creation of amazing water falls! 

The highest water falls in the state and feeding into the Nibrara River ! We experience the amazing flo of winding water flo into this amazing fast moving river! The kids have never been able to get into the falls quite like this before! We had an awesome time taking pictures , making memories, and creating experiences that we will never forget! 

After we were done we drove over to the Fort Nibrara Wildlife Refuge! Where we experienced even more water falls and had some out of this world views of Buffalo, and deer! Elk were in the area but we weren’t able to get any close up shots of them! To my surprise elk were very prominent in this area for quite some time until most were killed off making these elk very few now days! One thing is very certain for this little west Texas family, we will never forget our experience here today and look forward to the rest of the journeys that God has instore for us! 

As always thank you to all our family and friends that support us and encourage us on these adventures! Our mission is not to just get out and active , it’s to encourage our kids to live for the moment! To go after what you want with all your heart and soul! To always encourage others to your best and not take today for granted ! Life is precious and short in comparison to God’s enternity! We must make sure that when we lay our heads down at night ; we have no regrets, no if I had justs, or almost went there or did that! We love you all and appreciate your prayers ! 

TJ Thomas 


In Habakkuk 2 2-3 the prophet writes: Then the Lord answered me and said : “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it, For the vision is yet for an appointed time ; But at the end it will speak , and it will not lie. Though it tarries , wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.”

When we took on the mission to be parents it was a mutual and exciting time! We had tons of ambition and enthusiasm! Even though the years have not always went in our favor we never lost that! However ; the mission has grown! Many of you know we homeschool, and now with bigger plans we are taking it on the road to show our kids many different things! For one is to allow them to see first hand instead of just reading about it! Secondly : is to be able to spread awayfor the organizations we strive to give back to and help! Organizations like Camp Valhalla, helping our vets transition back from PTSD& TBI! Groups like Rally Point Outdoors , giving back to the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROGRAM & FAMILIES! And also our very own DEFENDERS PROGRAM: which we are settling up to give back to our law enforcement, firefighters , and EMS/EMT’s! Like th ROTARY HOUSE of Conroe which helps Fire Fighters who are battling with sickness! The TROOPER PONDER Scholarship: which helps inspiring seniors which are looking for a career in law enforcement! Cameron Ponder was a young inspiring State Trooper who was taken way to early in life in the line of duty! 

Our third mission was basically our main mission was teach and inspire people across the nation to get up and get active in the outdoors! Hunting and fishings is not just a hobby! It is our roots of survival and a way of life! We wanted to be in the best shape possible , by fueling our bodies with the purest food, working out, and teach our kids how to be self efficient! We hope through our journies that ppl choose to follow us in our life changing adventures and spend as much time with the family as possible! Life is too short and we must live it to the fullest! After almost loosing our youngest son twice after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes it made us realize this ever so much! 

So here I am making the vision plain! Hoping all who reads it will run with it and help us throughout our coarse of travels ! To give back, get active , and support the things , people, and Decenders who make this country great! You can find products on our online shop, and social media shop! If you know of anyone in need of assistance in any way please contact us at the information below! I also want to thank all the companies who help us do what we do! Taiga Coolers LLC, UPWIND ODOR ELIMINATOR, AFFLICTOR Broadheads, Denvers Deer Scents, Delta Force Bowstrings, Jerry’s Archery, Backlash Custom Rods, Titanium Archery Products, and of coarse our Team: Curt Thomas , Chad Bales, & Michael Lawrence! We couldn’t do this w/o the support of our family and friends as well! 

You must make your vision plain, have determination and faith to take on any obstacles head on ! Never retreating; never backing down, never loosing focus of the mission and its attributes! That’s why we designed our logo with the charging American Flag! We must glorify God in all we do and live our lives for him! So please if you choose to help in any way , we would greatly appreciate it! The purchasing of these products will 100% go to our DEFENDERS PROGRAM! Which allows us to donate products for these organizations! For raffles, hunts , fishing trips, which provide meat and comradery for these guys!  Thanks in advance:

TJ Thomas

Founder Quint T Outdoors



We always want the bigger, the better, the most out of life ! Nothing wrong with that! In fact I encourage it! It’s what we here at Quint T Outdoors based our whole foundation on! After our youngest was diagnosed with Type 1 ; it changed our whole purpose from following suit, to findingwhat works for us! We took that challenge head on and with lots of questions and worry! I mean it’s not like we were prepared! 

However; it was something we knew we couldn’t back down from! So we pushed through and you know the rest of the story ! We now are on the road in pursuit of our next journey! But the one thing you may not know , is the constant struggles , hardships , & battles! Facebook paints a pretty picture! Everyone seeing what others gave and desiring the life that looks almost perfect! The reality of it is ; especially in our case , it’s not always perfect! It’s a mountain of adjustments, never knowing what the day is going to hold ! Always having to live on the fly and being ready to handle whatever comes your way! 

So is it worth it?? Without a doubt! If and only if; it’s worth it to you! To get to where you want to be : you must be willing to ADJUST! Adjust your focus, adjust your living, adjust your mental game to be strong in the worst of storms! Nothing can replace your Faith in God! Because without faith ; you won’t make it! Because it’s going to take PERSEVERANCE! You can’t have true perseverance without FAITH! So if your going to follow your dreams ; buckle up! Your in for a roller coaster of adjustments! But I can tell u , it’s worth it ! If you really want it!! But your going to have to want it as bad as you want to breath! Heather it means giving up materialistic things, or getting out of your comfort zone , or being completely unaware of what tomorrow holds! Oh wait!!! That’s called FAITH!!! 

South Dakota Part III

We finished up our journey to South Dakota by a quick trip through a little town of Keystone! Just a little tourist type mountain town ! Tons of little shops and places to eat ! We stopped at a group of stores called Keystone Mall! We found a little knife store where unfortunately we all found us a blade of some sort fitting our personality! Met up and visited with the owners and discussed them possibly become Taiga Dealers! 

Afterwards we made our way towards Custer Nationsl Forest! All I can say is wow! Just a slow winding road full of epic views and amazing sites! Even brisk moments of views of Mount Rushmore! Finally getting back down to the parks office we visited with the ranger who was also a vet! We then made our way through the breathtaking land! Seeing Buffalo right up close and personal, and having one approach our car and scratch his chest on our car! Plenty of deer and antelope that would make a hunter drool ! 

It was hard to come home to our Bassett Hotel room after that! But it was a must to get back to work on our mission! Raising awareness for PTSD/ TBI , selling coolers , nursing, and other stuff involved in our Defenders Program! But we always have our next adventure to look forward to and the great privilege of meeting and helping ppl everywhere we go! 

It was so good though to see our kids learn first hand about our nations history , and wildlife, and encouraging others ; instead of just reading about it and wondering!!