So many times we get caught up in our busy life ! We focus on we truly believe to be the most important thing at the time ! We are constantly juggling our jobs, our kids activities, our relationships or marriages, and still trying to find time for ourselves! 

However how do we ever feel like we have done a good job? How do we feel victorious? I know there are countless times I feel like I have failed ! Like I didn’t even finish the race , let a lone win it! Well the answer to that lies deep within one word ! A word I have found to be the backbone to success in this crazy world we live in !! ENDURANCE!!!

How does having endurance help me feel like I came out on top of did my best?? Well let’s take a look!! The very definition alone: the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant process or situation without giving way! Another one states as being able to continue on despite fighting off exhaustion or fatigue! Even the Bible describes our victories are laid within one fact!! DON’T GIVE UP!!! 

So you mean all I have to do is not quit and I’m victorious?? YES!!! When we have the endurance to continue to push forward we are winning! But wait: there is more !! More to it than just that!! To have that endurance there is something each person must find! That’s why I said it’s deep within the word! 

A person with the courage to endure , will have to have CHARACTER ! You must stand for something!  YOU CANNOT endure hardships without character ! Character means you care about how people see you , without carrying about what people think of you! HUH?? Lol : think about it ! You cannot help how people think! But you can do your best! Haters are going to hate! What kind of person are you trying to be ?? That’s what you are striving for , if they can’t see you for that , then they aren’t needed in your life! 

You must also have FAITH! To believe in something that you cannot see yet! A runner sometimes cannot see the finish line , but they know it’s there and they want to be the first one across it! You must know what your going after is there ! No matter how bad times get or how many obstacles come in your way , the prize is at the end! The very definition in the Bible comes from Hebrews 11:1″ Now Faith is, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Notice it says (NOW FAITH) where is your belief now ! Not last year , not tomorrow’s faith !! Your faith right now !!! 

Another thing you must pocess is FIGHT! To me FIGHT is the glue that holds this Trinity together! Because without fight , how will you defend yourself! Doubt and unbelievable comes in , says you can’t do it , without fight you’djust walk away! You must have fight in you from deep down that says NO!! HIT ME AGAIN, I WILL GET BACK UP! I WILL CONTINUE TO LOOK DEFEAT, AND DEATH, AND FAILURE RIGHT IN THE EYE !! That’s fight!! The one thing that keeps you going! That keeps you getting up and showing up and coming back to the cause ! 

In closing there is one more thing!! You must have SUPPORT! People who are there for you and only you! They put themselves aside despite what they are going through and encourage , and hold you accountable for who you are and what you are ! Without them you could very easily be overwhelmed and loose focus and fall victim! My wife and some others are my SUPPORT! Jennifer has stiff by me at my worst, and never judged me for being less than my best! Only pushed and encouraged and got real with me to keep fighting, have faith , and never ever let me forget my character ! Endurance ; the key to victory!! 






I must say I remember this week very well! It was a confusing, eye opening time for jennifer and I! We went through a roller coaster of emotions from fear to peace ! Guilt to comfort, and everything in between! Having to answer family and friend’s questions and feeling like we were the worst parents in the world! 
How can u be so blind and out of it ? Your a nurse right?? What are you feeding him or letting him eat? We’re there not warning signs ? Is he going to have to be on insulin now for the rest of his life? They just kept coming and coming ……but every night the peace was there ! Everyday the comfort and assurance was in our hearts and minds ! WE WOULD USE THIS AS A PLATFORM TO GLORIFY GOD! We would use it as a means to testify for his grace and mercy ! 
It has been two years now ! Don’t kid yourself , it’s no easy task! Dealing with the emotional mood swings ; seeing your sweet , carefree little man full of anger , and questions , and confusion and have no way to understand how to reach out or deal with it! However : as parents we are still learning ourselves ! It’s like taking a test you have never studied for everyday! Tons of books , articles , and doctors findings are thrown at us daily and we second guess ourselves! But God: God shows up and takes us by the hand daily and the Holy Spirit reminds us that we must do what we know to do ! 
We must run our race ! “TO GET SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER HAD, YOU MUST DO SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER DONE”! One important thing we must all remember ! Whether you believe in my God or not ! There are two sides to every story !! (1): Facts: Facts are indisputable pieces of information used in discussing something or on someone’s behalf ! However ; facts change daily! New research comes out daily and wipes out or changes the facts of the previous day! Now everyone can agree to that no matter what religion or lack their of you are! (2): TRUTH: Is described as being something that is constant and unchangeable! Numbers 23:19 ” God is not a man, that he should lie, neither son of man that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? Or hath he spoke it , and not make it good? ” Malichi 3:6 ” For I am the Lord, I changeth not, therefore he son of Jacob are not consumed!”

Hebrews 13:8 ” Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today , and forever.”
So you see ; we cannot be moved by facts or doctors reports! We must not be moved by emotions , feelings, or voices ! Only by the word of God ! The Truth!! The Truth says HEALING is real, THE TRUTH says miracles still are happening! THE TRUTH says there is a cure! So I place before you , followers and ppl who read this : life and death ! Salvation and eternal damnation! Sorry but that’s how it’s in my bible! Which one will you choose? Which words will you accept to be your foundation in which to live your life upon????? Because I will GLORIFY THE LORD MY GOD even in the darkest of hours! When all reports are trying to take my little boy away from me ! BUT GOD!! 
Two years later here he stands ! After almost losing him twice , here he stands! And Jennifer Beckett Thomas and myself strive each day to find a way off of insulin because when the doctors say it’s a life sentence; THE TRUTH says by the stripes on Jesus back he is already healed! And today here we stand in our own testimony, hiking the trails, running the inclines of mountainous paths , and exploring the world, living each day to the fullest ! 
So don’t ask me if God is real, if I’ve seen him , or do I believe! Because …..”as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15) There is a light at the end of the madness ! So don’t give up ! Choose life and have it more abundantly! There is a way for you to live the way you want! You don’t have to be a slave to ways of this world ! You are going to have to go against the grain! You will have to be uncomfortable, live by FAITH and not by sight, walk in love and anger, ask for wisdom, knowledge, grace and mercy daily! But my God , my God , it is so worth it! Like nothing I could ever dream of , imagine , or see or think! (Isaiah 55:8-9)
I’ll close with this! Don’t hear me wrong! I am glad I was given this mountain to move ! Am I glad my son was the one who had to go through this NO !!!!!Am I glad we had to endure the tears, fear, and hardships of the past two years? NO!!! But I am so grateful that I am where I am today! I am grateful of the people we are placed in front of to help, the situations we get to be apart of! The ones that we would have never seen or visited with! You see Gold is brought to it purest and most valuable form when it placed in the hottest of fires and all impurities are melted out! I want to be the most pure I can be! So that , for that I am grateful! 

#BeEncouraged #OVERCOME

Wilderness Athlete 

Hello: my name is TJ Thomas of Quint T Outdoors ! I’m writing a testimony about how well Wilderness Athlete had worked for me ! I had a career in rodeo for well over 15 years ! Like most when I walked away from the life I was left torn up! In fact I was left with a left knee missing MCL, ACL, & ICL, a separated left shoulder , torn right riding arm bicep, and several broken ankles throughout my career! 
With that life behind me and looking to get more into hunting and the outdoors I began Quint T Outdoors ! Being off from my daily workout routine for several years , I lost my competitive figure! Trying to get it back with the repercussions of these injuries was not an easy task! In fact I struggled ! So I began trying other products on the market ! Probably all of them ! Several that are major competitors with Wilderness Athlete! They’d help some but none would take the discomfort away from my joints ! Making certain weight regiments impossible! Not being one to do something half heartedly ; I’d get discouraged and quit! 
This year after several years hunting all over we thought we’d take Quint T to the next level ! So we went on the road full time; hunting, fishing , camping , hiking and everything outdoors we can! The whole family encouraging others to get active ! But how can I donitbtonthe best of my ability, when I myself am limited ! We one day while in Cheyenne Wyoming, decided to go into a local Sportsman’s Warehouse! And there in the shelf side by side with a large competitor was Wilderness Athlete! I had been thinking about it for a while ! So I leaped ! First with the Energy&Focus and the Joint Advantage ! 
I have honestly only been on the product for three and half weeks! I then added the Rehydrate and Recovery to the arsenal ! Training for my up and coming month long stay in Colorado hunting elk, I knew I had to be at my best! Not only are we hiking the three mile mountain trail everydayin preparation, thanks to WA I’m jogging up the mountain over half of it or more bettering myself daily! I don’t hurt in the morning anymore in my joints ! I have lost , I don’t know how many inches or pounds ! I have substantial energy with no crash! I can honestly say that these great , healthy products have given me my life back! 
I am not sponsored by Wilderness Athlete! I don’t receive a dime from them, I don’t get a discount, or any compensation! I am fine with that! I’m just glad that this company has great products that allow me to perform at my best, and focus on the main task! My life with my family at the fullest! I tell everyone I can about this stuff ! They ask if I sell it and I tell them no !! But I highly recommend it! I’m going to be adding more products to the line up from Wilderness Athlete to make me better ! Our main goal is to encourage everyone who will listen : “TO BE BETTER TODAY , THAN U WERE YESTERDAY” So thank you Wilderness Athlete!! 
TJ Thomas 

Quint T Outdoors



To reach the summit , you must first endure the obstacles that stand in your way head on! No sugar coating , no cheating, no going around ! Jesus tells us specifically in Mark 11:23 “For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith.”
So why have we become a creature of habit to take the easy way out? Generations of past weren’t like that ? Hard work sucks, yes! Sweating isn’t fun, the labor brings pains and discomfort! However ; the fruits of your labor are much more rewarding!! The things you get to see or the things you experience, the way you feel when you have conquered your fears, your goals, your barriers ! That’s what makes it all worth it! 
How are you ever going to know what you are capable of , unless you push through ? How will you ever have the pride within to know just how far you can go until break through your limits ? How will you grow ?????? The Bible talks about it from glory to glory! (2 Corinthians 3:18) From one level to the other ! Ephesians 3:16-19 explains that through these challenges and growth of walk with God our inner man or soul ; can be made complete, and know the whole and fullness of ourselves! Not just of God’s love for us , but our calling and purpose ! That we can go further, and be more , and achieve more than we can even begin to imagine ! 
So don’t bow down to the challenges that face you! Push harder, believe for more , do not except mediocrity! For lack is only of the flesh ! The real battle lies between flesh and spirit! Our bodies tell us NO, when our hearts tells GO! One must subside; the only decision lies within you! Greatness lies before you! Will you go and get it? Be better today than you were yesterday!! #OVERCOME!!

Out In the Open

There is nothing that compares to being out in the wide open spaces that we have had the privilege to experience! These past few months out on the road is more than I could ever have imagined! From the rolling Sandhills of eastern Nebraska to the bluffs of western Nebraska, South Dakota’s beautiful Buffalo beards to Wyoming’s cast rich Vedawoo rock formations and surprising moose population tucked away in its  amazing wilderness right off of interstate 80! 

God has shown this family more than we ever thought possible in a lifetime , let alone in just a few short months! I can’t believe what else is in store for us! With the better part of hunting season a head and knowing how much preparation lies ahead for our up and coming trips it’s been humbling to see all that we have dreamed of is coming to pass in just a year of praying and moving forward to make Quint T Outdoors a different and unique page ! 

When we started with just a vision of encouraging people to live life to the fullest! To be better today than they were yesterday! To get out and experience all they can with their loved ones because life is short! And now here we are , camping out in the nations National Forrests , taking pics of deer, antelope, elk , buffalo and moose just feet away from us! Watching our kids learn first hand instead of just from books and worksheets! Seeing first hand our nations history and wildlife! 

Take this wknd for example : while out on a walk after setting up camp, we walked to a new trail we had never been on before ! Followed the path through several rain delays and storms ! Watching the beauty of Gods handy work being displayed ! Finally coming to a dead end ! We had to rely on our own navigation and skills to find our way out before night fall! With all amazement and we were able to fight off the sudden downpour and find our way back! It was a true testimony to God’s provision and just how if you will listen to his lead you can find your way out of any situation! 

We were able to end our adventure that night with being able to spend some time photographing two moose ! Male and female , as they barely knew we took photos and creeped closer trying not to disturb them! Watching the kids faces as they too took pics and observed them learning first hand how they are in the wild and wide open spaces ! Nothing compares to nature undisurbed and raw! Nothing compares to raising our kids on the road , seeing all the splenders of our nations wildlife, monuments, and historic sites up close and personal! Truly being OUT IN THE OPEN! 

Titanium Archery Products

I’m going to give you a quick preview of the equipment I’ve been testing for Titanium Archery Products, LLC! As you know I have been with Sam Shaffer and crew for over a year now and they continue to make advancements and improvements! Turning a vision into fruition! I’m looking forward to seeing where we will be a year from now , seeing already first hand where we have already come from!
I will start by saying that I have changed to a Hunter model stabilizer from my resent Elite model to test out how well it performed ! When the Hunter was first introduced , it was only offered in a more cost efficient 6″ form! Improvements in development and performance were made and it now is in its best form to date! Comes in the 6″ still and now 8″! I can’t say enough good things about them both trough my testing! I have both lengths running the 8″ out front and the 6″ as a side bar to help me better myself as an archer and hunter ! It’s not adjustable as far as weight goes , however some ppl like myself don’t need to adjust the weight ! For those who think they might the Elite is definitely the way to go! 
Now I want to discuss the prototype string stop I was sent to research! While in it’s very primitive state , the revolutionary vision of Titanium Archery Products is beginning to evolve into something amazing for the archery world! The bow has gone from quiet to flat out dead in my hand! I feel no vibration what so ever and hear nothing when arrow leaves ! Improvements have already been made in not only the adjustability, but in appearance , and performance as well! With the titanium rod being placed in the right place it absorbs the energy and sound the same way the stabilizers have since hitting the ground a year ago! I cannot wait to get my hands on the finished product of this revolutionary addition to the TAP family! 

I highly recommend staying tuned to TAP for release dates on the new products coming down the pike! Stabilizers can be purchased through me or from going to titaniumarcheryproducts.com

As the improvement to the archery world is ever growing , Titanium Archery Products is definitely making its push to raise the bar and stand out!!

Medicine Bow National Forrest 

We made the short drive over to Wyoming to the most unique place tucked away in the hills of Wyoming! Full of amazing rock formations and full of wildlife! The weather couldn’t have been better! 

After a small hike down from the car we came upon a nice little pond! After taking some breathtaking pics we noticed something moving to our left! And all of a sudden a bull moose appeared from the growth of trees and shrubs! We watched him for what had to be at least 30-45 minutes ! The kids mesmerizing stares were priceless! All took turns taking photos and looking at him upclose through the lense ! 

After he left , we continued down the trail ! Where we later came across a water fall feeding into a small stream! The kids decided to take off their boots and roll upntheir pants and cool off in the crystal clear , cold water! As me moved on we kept seeing one amazing sight after another! 

We all were hungry and decided breakfast sounded so good ! So we wound up at IHOP, and then went looking around at SPORTSMAN’S WAREHOUSE! Then drove through downtown Cheyenne! All the older historic buildings were a perfect cap to what was a great family outing!!