Administering the Gift

In the second writing to the church @ Corinth; the Apostle Paul, talks directly to the saints ! The chosen leaders of the church itself , not the body as a whole in the ninth chapter of this epistle! A few scriptures stand out the most in this letter that really describe some areas we all could definitely use some growing room in!

First of all in verse 2: ” “For I know the forwardness of your mind, for which I boast of you to them of Macedonia, that Achaia was ready a year ago; and your zeal hath provoked very many.”

Notice the use of the phrase ..”your zeal hath provoked very many.” Ask yourself : is what I’m doing building a fire in many ? Am I stirring up the people in my circle to crave more of God and do better? It’s important that we live a more example rich environment! We must encourage others to be the best ; the best that God has called them to be ! To live each and everyday to the fullness! Salvation is the beginning of our walk with God , not the end !

Secondly in verses 6-7:” “But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.”

God knows our hearts ! In fact many times in the Bible it’s mentioned … in both New and Old Testament writings the importance of our hearts! Just doing stuff as random acts of charity isn’t good enough! If done with the wrong heart or vain conduct is a slap in the face of God ! Especially if we are talking about our faith, our worship, our giving , our time , or anything else that we do in reverence of God ! And don’t get me started on communion !! It must be done with a pure heart or we are destined to be reprimanded!!

For when it’s done correctly we find the third example of why it’s important in verses 10-11! “Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness;) Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.”

‭God himself will give us more ; more seed of whatever we are sowing ! No matter what it is . All He has ever wanted is to grow us as we help build and grow him! At no time does He ever wish that we lack in anything we need or seek! What father would! Do we not want better for our kids than we had? It’s the heartbeat of every parent!

So the place we must start is in our own hearts ! When we change , our views, opinions , outlooks, and life begin to change opening the door for many opportunities to come into our lives! And just as my father in the Lord Glenn Smith always told me …. if God can get it threw you, he will get it to you! We are simply the conduit in which his ministry thrives and continues to flourish! It is called the living word of God for a reason! It lives every day in us ! As we keep the gifts alive; giving them to friends , family, neighbors , & strangers through daily encounters! Pray for Devine Connections & Appointments ! You all are destined for higher levels of Gods purposes & callings! He never calls the equipped, he equips the called! Each and everyone of us who are his disciples and saints are the called!!


TJ Thomas

Quint T Outdoors




This is the real reason we celebrate CHRIST MAS(CHRISTMAS) !! My savior and hopefully yours as well was brought forth ; God in flesh ; for two reasons :(1) to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and create a new Covenant between us and God! Making us joint heirs to the throne.(2) to show us how to live , act , go about our daily lives; a living walking example ! Where did we as society begin to translate that into a tree full of expensive gifts ? Thinking that if our kids don’t get the newest gadgets they gonna suffer😞!

So this year instead of gifts from mom and me ; we decided as a family to GIVE! So we will be spending a CHRISTMAS DAY serving at s local organization! Feeding those who in a bit of a bind this year! Praying for they , and hopefully be a ray of Gods light! The greatest commandment according to Jesus himself is {Love God with all your heart; and love thy neighbor as thyself} Matthew 22:37-39!

I put this on here only to encourage; not to get a bunch of likes , or come across as boasting ! I simply feel that if we all started to simplify, and get back to the basics one house at a time only worried about taking care of one person extra; we could make a difference! I know it’s a scary world now days : but I know there are plenty of veterans and organizations we could start with ! I’m wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS; and praying Gods love over each and every household ! And that my servants towel is always bigger than my masters towel! From all of the Thomas Family and Quint T Outdoors; MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The Road Less Traveled

Sorry I know it’s been a while since we actually slowed down enough to write a blog! However better late than never ! A lot had happened since our last encounter ! The family and I saw some amazing views and have been to of the most awesome places , met some great people , and definitely cannot wait until our next one !

First of all our trip to PA was one I don’t think any of us will forget! We stopped in Louisiana; West Monroe to be exact and let the kids tour Duck Commander , stayed the night by the bald cypress trees , and ate some amazing food! Traveling through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and finally into PA ; was some of the neatest places they have ever been! Our friends in PA pulled out all the stops ! Great hospitality, hunting, and meals ! We couldn’t thank them enough!! Taking the kids to Gettysburg was a day we all will remember !! Full of hands on history that played right into our homeschool lifestyle!!

We then made our way back through Washington DC ! A place we all agreed we will be returning this spring! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen them more into learning and seeing what all makes our country run! From eating off their first food truck, to all the monuments, museums, and fun stuff to do; they had a blast!! We have been so blessed to be able to do this with our kids and I’ll write more about them soon ! Better describing each trip and showing off all the pictures!

Which brings me to my point here this morning! We don’t influence our kids in the right ways anymore ! With the constant struggles of increasing bills and cost of living , and the lack of substantial income ; both parents are forced to work to make ends meet! Thus our kids are raised by our school teachers and alternative sources ! So how can we fix it ? Not everyone can do what we do?? Or can they?? I believe if you want something bad enough , you will find a way! Most of us always find a way to have the newest phone, device, clothes , vehicles, etc. I found myself here early on in our marriage! But later on got tired of the constant hole I still had ! So I did something about it!

Truth is we must find what is most important to us ! For Jennifer and I it’s our kids , family, way of living and raising them! The time we spend with them! We chose to slow down, give up a few emanates, not go prehistoric or nothing, but get rid of things that aren’t a must! Found ways to unplug so to speak! Focus more on cooking , sitting around a dinner table more than once a day, spend less time focusing on ourselves and more time on them! We still find time for ourselves , our personal time with God , and each other as a couple ; however we also have time for them ! A thing truly lacking in this ever changing and advancing technological world!

Family time ! Truly a road less traveled !! This is a key factor to why I believe we are seeing such a drastic change in our kids today and why do many pointless tragic things are happening in our schools! A blog I most recently read pointed out homeschool! I mean why is it such a drastic word! Our settlers who founded this country did it! It was the normal thing to do! Then all of a sudden …poof… we are the weird ones ?? We must take heed to the writings of Paul to the Church of Rome….”And be not conformed to this world : but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable , and perfect , will of God .” Why are we going to let the world tell us what id important, or a must have ? Truth is we better get a grip on our own lives before it’s too late !

The facts are overwhelming when looked at from afar ! Our nation is headed down a road that is doing nothing but destroying itself! And we just keep feeding it like a disease ! Make a stand and choose the ROAD LESS TRAVELED! Be a example for you kids , instead of an ATM! Be a roll model for them instead of a taxi, and spend as much time with them as you can! We get one shot to do the best we can with them! To leave a personable impression on them to help shape them and them shape our next generation and world we live in!!

The Journey Continued: 

It’s been a blast so far this year and all I can say is I’m humbled !! What started in March and now has found us getting close to the end of the year ! We have had such a blessed year already touring over half the lower 48! To be exact ; 26 states ! From the Midwest , to the lower south and up to the east coast ! 

We have been blessed to take the kids on some of the most epic hunts , hikes , camps , and homeschool trips I could ever imagine! We have seen everything from Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, the Buffalo rich environment of Custer national park; to the Oregon Trail, to the Battlefield of Gettysburg, & even a two day trip to our nations Capital! 

Nothing compares to what God is doing for us; but even more so , through us ! We have met so many great people ! Ministered to hundreds ! Encouraging them to enjoy life to the fullest . Life is so short, why would you not make the most of everyday ? We see so many couples who are troubled with how life is going and have no idea how to fix it! Through our shortcomings, we are able to share the grace and mercy of Gods unconditional love! That if they will focus on him instead of their troubles , how He will open doors for them they could never imagine! 

The journey is never over ! Especially when your  focus is on him! If you will wake up everyday with one goal in mind! How can what I do today GLORIFY GOD AND ENCOURAGE EVERYONE I GET TO ENCOUNTER! When we glorify God as a primary mission , everything will fall into place!! I know where we would be today in life if we had continued down the selfish path that we were on! Glorify God daily and you will always the next journey, & you will have doubts about your purpose and calling!

 “Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. 6 Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. (‭Colossians‬ ‭4‬:‭5‬ KJV)

Elk Hunt 2017

As many of you know we had many great expectations as this year started to unfold! With elk being more than just a passion of mine , it’s a obsession! The thrill of the hunt isntnin the harvest! It’s in the planning, the lessons learned , and the obstacles that stand in your way long before the trigger is pulled or arrow is released ! Now I’m all about bow hunting! Primarily because I want to be a better hunter , rather than a better shot! Not that I don’t spend hours each day perfecting my shots ! I do! However ; I find it to be more of a challenge and brings me closer to the game I’m pursuing! 

So as this year started we had decided to focus more on elk over any other game ! We had planned on hunting both Colorado and Idaho elk! A bit more expensive but it only last a month each year! So why not make the most of it! It was set and the preparation began! Even though we were on the road building Quint T , it only made our journey that much more of a challenge and a blessing! Many connections were made including one that seemed to be one of the best I’ve made ! I had the privilege to notnonly get connected with Steve and Jolene Walls of Shield Mountain Outdoors Elk Calls ,but really get to know them! Meeting them on several occasions! Through them a couple of other great connections were made when friended Tayler Tibbitts of Got Game Technologies, & Paul R Medel & Paul Medel II of ElkNut Productions! 

With these calls and the app that helps all levels be better at calling I felt very confident! Driving my neighbors crazy and family deaf I became better ! Actually sounding real! I was looking forward to the season opener ! However as you know the wildfires began all over including a couple of spots we had planned to hunt in Colorado! Getting dealer into the season Idaho became the only option! Still optimistic and focused we decided to wait until the Fall Equinox to focus our hunt! 

We left out and headed to Idaho! Just jennifer the boys and myself! We made it to our base camp after three amazing days on the road and some amazing campgrounds and memories we will never forget! As the days unfolded and the hunts turned into countless dead ends we did get a bit frustrated! But the visions we encountered and the lessons learned were well worth it! We had several close encounters but could never close the deal! But I learned so much that I can and will apply to my next hunts in the future! 

They are amazing animals and well worth the respect they deserve so majestically! They are not a trophy! They are a good source me and my family hold dear to our soul! We depend on the meat ! Bull or cow are looked at the same ! We strive to be healthier and raise our family to love and live off the land ! And take nothing for granted! And to be conservative and take care of the land so it will be there for the next generations! They are a gift, and should be respected ! 

While other hunts and adventures still lay ahead of us we will always be grateful of the many friends and ppl who helped us this elk seasons d look forward to them again next year ! You know who you are and we graciously thank you from the bottom of our heart!! Never stopbeing better today than you were yesterday!! 


So many times we get caught up in our busy life ! We focus on we truly believe to be the most important thing at the time ! We are constantly juggling our jobs, our kids activities, our relationships or marriages, and still trying to find time for ourselves! 

However how do we ever feel like we have done a good job? How do we feel victorious? I know there are countless times I feel like I have failed ! Like I didn’t even finish the race , let a lone win it! Well the answer to that lies deep within one word ! A word I have found to be the backbone to success in this crazy world we live in !! ENDURANCE!!!

How does having endurance help me feel like I came out on top of did my best?? Well let’s take a look!! The very definition alone: the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant process or situation without giving way! Another one states as being able to continue on despite fighting off exhaustion or fatigue! Even the Bible describes our victories are laid within one fact!! DON’T GIVE UP!!! 

So you mean all I have to do is not quit and I’m victorious?? YES!!! When we have the endurance to continue to push forward we are winning! But wait: there is more !! More to it than just that!! To have that endurance there is something each person must find! That’s why I said it’s deep within the word! 

A person with the courage to endure , will have to have CHARACTER ! You must stand for something!  YOU CANNOT endure hardships without character ! Character means you care about how people see you , without carrying about what people think of you! HUH?? Lol : think about it ! You cannot help how people think! But you can do your best! Haters are going to hate! What kind of person are you trying to be ?? That’s what you are striving for , if they can’t see you for that , then they aren’t needed in your life! 

You must also have FAITH! To believe in something that you cannot see yet! A runner sometimes cannot see the finish line , but they know it’s there and they want to be the first one across it! You must know what your going after is there ! No matter how bad times get or how many obstacles come in your way , the prize is at the end! The very definition in the Bible comes from Hebrews 11:1″ Now Faith is, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Notice it says (NOW FAITH) where is your belief now ! Not last year , not tomorrow’s faith !! Your faith right now !!! 

Another thing you must pocess is FIGHT! To me FIGHT is the glue that holds this Trinity together! Because without fight , how will you defend yourself! Doubt and unbelievable comes in , says you can’t do it , without fight you’djust walk away! You must have fight in you from deep down that says NO!! HIT ME AGAIN, I WILL GET BACK UP! I WILL CONTINUE TO LOOK DEFEAT, AND DEATH, AND FAILURE RIGHT IN THE EYE !! That’s fight!! The one thing that keeps you going! That keeps you getting up and showing up and coming back to the cause ! 

In closing there is one more thing!! You must have SUPPORT! People who are there for you and only you! They put themselves aside despite what they are going through and encourage , and hold you accountable for who you are and what you are ! Without them you could very easily be overwhelmed and loose focus and fall victim! My wife and some others are my SUPPORT! Jennifer has stiff by me at my worst, and never judged me for being less than my best! Only pushed and encouraged and got real with me to keep fighting, have faith , and never ever let me forget my character ! Endurance ; the key to victory!! 




I must say I remember this week very well! It was a confusing, eye opening time for jennifer and I! We went through a roller coaster of emotions from fear to peace ! Guilt to comfort, and everything in between! Having to answer family and friend’s questions and feeling like we were the worst parents in the world! 
How can u be so blind and out of it ? Your a nurse right?? What are you feeding him or letting him eat? We’re there not warning signs ? Is he going to have to be on insulin now for the rest of his life? They just kept coming and coming ……but every night the peace was there ! Everyday the comfort and assurance was in our hearts and minds ! WE WOULD USE THIS AS A PLATFORM TO GLORIFY GOD! We would use it as a means to testify for his grace and mercy ! 
It has been two years now ! Don’t kid yourself , it’s no easy task! Dealing with the emotional mood swings ; seeing your sweet , carefree little man full of anger , and questions , and confusion and have no way to understand how to reach out or deal with it! However : as parents we are still learning ourselves ! It’s like taking a test you have never studied for everyday! Tons of books , articles , and doctors findings are thrown at us daily and we second guess ourselves! But God: God shows up and takes us by the hand daily and the Holy Spirit reminds us that we must do what we know to do ! 
We must run our race ! “TO GET SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER HAD, YOU MUST DO SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER DONE”! One important thing we must all remember ! Whether you believe in my God or not ! There are two sides to every story !! (1): Facts: Facts are indisputable pieces of information used in discussing something or on someone’s behalf ! However ; facts change daily! New research comes out daily and wipes out or changes the facts of the previous day! Now everyone can agree to that no matter what religion or lack their of you are! (2): TRUTH: Is described as being something that is constant and unchangeable! Numbers 23:19 ” God is not a man, that he should lie, neither son of man that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? Or hath he spoke it , and not make it good? ” Malichi 3:6 ” For I am the Lord, I changeth not, therefore he son of Jacob are not consumed!”

Hebrews 13:8 ” Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today , and forever.”
So you see ; we cannot be moved by facts or doctors reports! We must not be moved by emotions , feelings, or voices ! Only by the word of God ! The Truth!! The Truth says HEALING is real, THE TRUTH says miracles still are happening! THE TRUTH says there is a cure! So I place before you , followers and ppl who read this : life and death ! Salvation and eternal damnation! Sorry but that’s how it’s in my bible! Which one will you choose? Which words will you accept to be your foundation in which to live your life upon????? Because I will GLORIFY THE LORD MY GOD even in the darkest of hours! When all reports are trying to take my little boy away from me ! BUT GOD!! 
Two years later here he stands ! After almost losing him twice , here he stands! And Jennifer Beckett Thomas and myself strive each day to find a way off of insulin because when the doctors say it’s a life sentence; THE TRUTH says by the stripes on Jesus back he is already healed! And today here we stand in our own testimony, hiking the trails, running the inclines of mountainous paths , and exploring the world, living each day to the fullest ! 
So don’t ask me if God is real, if I’ve seen him , or do I believe! Because …..”as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15) There is a light at the end of the madness ! So don’t give up ! Choose life and have it more abundantly! There is a way for you to live the way you want! You don’t have to be a slave to ways of this world ! You are going to have to go against the grain! You will have to be uncomfortable, live by FAITH and not by sight, walk in love and anger, ask for wisdom, knowledge, grace and mercy daily! But my God , my God , it is so worth it! Like nothing I could ever dream of , imagine , or see or think! (Isaiah 55:8-9)
I’ll close with this! Don’t hear me wrong! I am glad I was given this mountain to move ! Am I glad my son was the one who had to go through this NO !!!!!Am I glad we had to endure the tears, fear, and hardships of the past two years? NO!!! But I am so grateful that I am where I am today! I am grateful of the people we are placed in front of to help, the situations we get to be apart of! The ones that we would have never seen or visited with! You see Gold is brought to it purest and most valuable form when it placed in the hottest of fires and all impurities are melted out! I want to be the most pure I can be! So that , for that I am grateful! 

#BeEncouraged #OVERCOME