The Road Less Traveled

Sorry I know it’s been a while since we actually slowed down enough to write a blog! However better late than never ! A lot had happened since our last encounter ! The family and I saw some amazing views and have been to of the most awesome places , met some great people , and definitely cannot wait until our next one !

First of all our trip to PA was one I don’t think any of us will forget! We stopped in Louisiana; West Monroe to be exact and let the kids tour Duck Commander , stayed the night by the bald cypress trees , and ate some amazing food! Traveling through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and finally into PA ; was some of the neatest places they have ever been! Our friends in PA pulled out all the stops ! Great hospitality, hunting, and meals ! We couldn’t thank them enough!! Taking the kids to Gettysburg was a day we all will remember !! Full of hands on history that played right into our homeschool lifestyle!!

We then made our way back through Washington DC ! A place we all agreed we will be returning this spring! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen them more into learning and seeing what all makes our country run! From eating off their first food truck, to all the monuments, museums, and fun stuff to do; they had a blast!! We have been so blessed to be able to do this with our kids and I’ll write more about them soon ! Better describing each trip and showing off all the pictures!

Which brings me to my point here this morning! We don’t influence our kids in the right ways anymore ! With the constant struggles of increasing bills and cost of living , and the lack of substantial income ; both parents are forced to work to make ends meet! Thus our kids are raised by our school teachers and alternative sources ! So how can we fix it ? Not everyone can do what we do?? Or can they?? I believe if you want something bad enough , you will find a way! Most of us always find a way to have the newest phone, device, clothes , vehicles, etc. I found myself here early on in our marriage! But later on got tired of the constant hole I still had ! So I did something about it!

Truth is we must find what is most important to us ! For Jennifer and I it’s our kids , family, way of living and raising them! The time we spend with them! We chose to slow down, give up a few emanates, not go prehistoric or nothing, but get rid of things that aren’t a must! Found ways to unplug so to speak! Focus more on cooking , sitting around a dinner table more than once a day, spend less time focusing on ourselves and more time on them! We still find time for ourselves , our personal time with God , and each other as a couple ; however we also have time for them ! A thing truly lacking in this ever changing and advancing technological world!

Family time ! Truly a road less traveled !! This is a key factor to why I believe we are seeing such a drastic change in our kids today and why do many pointless tragic things are happening in our schools! A blog I most recently read pointed out homeschool! I mean why is it such a drastic word! Our settlers who founded this country did it! It was the normal thing to do! Then all of a sudden …poof… we are the weird ones ?? We must take heed to the writings of Paul to the Church of Rome….”And be not conformed to this world : but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable , and perfect , will of God .” Why are we going to let the world tell us what id important, or a must have ? Truth is we better get a grip on our own lives before it’s too late !

The facts are overwhelming when looked at from afar ! Our nation is headed down a road that is doing nothing but destroying itself! And we just keep feeding it like a disease ! Make a stand and choose the ROAD LESS TRAVELED! Be a example for you kids , instead of an ATM! Be a roll model for them instead of a taxi, and spend as much time with them as you can! We get one shot to do the best we can with them! To leave a personable impression on them to help shape them and them shape our next generation and world we live in!!


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