This is the real reason we celebrate CHRIST MAS(CHRISTMAS) !! My savior and hopefully yours as well was brought forth ; God in flesh ; for two reasons :(1) to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and create a new Covenant between us and God! Making us joint heirs to the throne.(2) to show us how to live , act , go about our daily lives; a living walking example ! Where did we as society begin to translate that into a tree full of expensive gifts ? Thinking that if our kids don’t get the newest gadgets they gonna suffer😞!

So this year instead of gifts from mom and me ; we decided as a family to GIVE! So we will be spending a CHRISTMAS DAY serving at s local organization! Feeding those who in a bit of a bind this year! Praying for they , and hopefully be a ray of Gods light! The greatest commandment according to Jesus himself is {Love God with all your heart; and love thy neighbor as thyself} Matthew 22:37-39!

I put this on here only to encourage; not to get a bunch of likes , or come across as boasting ! I simply feel that if we all started to simplify, and get back to the basics one house at a time only worried about taking care of one person extra; we could make a difference! I know it’s a scary world now days : but I know there are plenty of veterans and organizations we could start with ! I’m wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS; and praying Gods love over each and every household ! And that my servants towel is always bigger than my masters towel! From all of the Thomas Family and Quint T Outdoors; MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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