If you think about it our lives are full of ups and downs ! Good times and bad times ! Struggles and victories! Happiness and sadnesses, and year after year we are expected to keep moving forward ! If we don’t we will be consumed by all the negative and drowned by the consumption around us !

My family lately has encountered another new activity to add to our Arsenal! On top of hunting , fishing , hiking , and constantly searching for adventure; we have taken up surfing! Which I’m only for certain will lead into snowboarding as well , cuz skateboarding has already joined the mix ! Which being a huge part of my past , I had some influence in lol! I cannot however think of how much surfing and life run hand in hand !

For example , to get out to where you need to be to catch the right waves , you must paddle out on your board! As the waves are rolling towards you , there are two techniques you can use to get past them ! One is to position yourself and flow over them , or a method called duck diving ( or going under the waves by forcing your board under water )! If you don’t and just sit still the waves will overpower you and knock you off your board and your consumed by the waves ! This has happened to me many times while trying and struggling to master the art of surfing! But if you keep at it , the other two techniques will come to be second nature to you!

Just like in life you must find your way to get to where you are going ! There is no book, no written instructions, no Cliff Notes; it’s simply just hard work and many failed attempts! There is however tons of friends and advice along the way ; and God knows how many people who will tell you how they do it ! But in the end you must find your own way ! You will be faced with many obstacles and hardships ! You will want to quit and give up! However: I can tell you there is nothing that will compare to the feeling of conquering these waves and learning how far you can really go when you apply yourself!

Life is nothing more than riding the waves ! You can either learn how to get out to the right spot and catch a wave and ride it for all it’s worth; good or bad ; and have fun : or let them beat the snot out of you and tuck your tail between your legs and head in a drowned rat ! The ups and down can be your demise or your tool to rise above your expectations and accomplish more than you ever thought possible! You were created in the image of God , to be more than a conqueror! So if your not conquering, then your not living up to your fullest potential! Arise , go and ride the waves and see what you can do !! (pictured is pro surfer Griffin Colapinto )


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