Last week Jennifer and I took a much needed and well deserved trip alone ! It’s been over two years since we’ve gone on a trip alone ! We’ve had date nights and done a lot of other things to keep our relationship strong , however a trip hasn’t been in cards for quite sometime! I decided to change that and took her on a trip of beach and surf fun to our new favorite quick drop spot in Port Aransas TX!

Now I’m not going to go all into our adventure on this one , however I wanted to touch back on what I feel is important in any relationship! I truly believe and always have , that strong bonds are crucial no matter what relationship you are dealing with ! Whether is a marriage, or friend , or a child ; strong bonds between the two of you are very important! We all have things in common! That’s not what I’m talking about! Bonds are described as small jesters to keep a relationship strong! So this would intel that the two or more people are close ! Daily involved with each other in some way! For example most people find jennifer and I odd , because we spend an insane amount of time together! It’s not a trust thing nor a insecurity thing! We just truly are each other’s best friend! We have literally been to hell and back with each other ! And yes we can spend time apart and do very regularly! But this is the very thing I’m describing here ! One must be in contact with the other quite often in order to know the other or others !

Secondly; to have a strong bond the other or others must be willing to sacrifice or yield up something for the other ! A strong bond can only exist is both parties are willing to both give and receive! Receiving is just as important as giving ! If you never allow the others to give you things or you aren’t an easy recipient, it can have a negative effect on the others around you!! Like I use to think it’s a sign of charity or weakness, however I was wrong ! In a way this was me yielding up something for the love of my life ! My pride !! She’ll probably disagree and tell you I still have my pride , but I see progress!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! So keep an open mind and heart in the relationship as much as possible!

Thirdly ; a strong bond must have forgiveness in them ! The ones that get close learn intimate details about the other persons ! And when things get heated for whatever reason, they come out in some way or another ! There must be an open door of communication and forgiveness in order to move forward in any relationship! How do I know ?? I mean I’ve only been married 16 years …..not very long right ?? But like I’ve said Jenn and I have been through a lot in our short lives !! Forgiveness took us the longest to work through and I think I can speak for both when I say we are a work in progress still! Give it all you have and if it’s worth having then it’s worth the work !

My mission is only to uplift and encourage! I’m not here to know it all or judge ! I only want people to have the most they can out of life and seek all the full potential they can out of every area ! It’s short and we only get one chance or shot at it! The last thing we need is leave this world with regrets and alone ! So for whatever cost it takes find the bonds that are worth having and make them as strong as you can! Be willing to forgive, know intimate details about them but only to strengthen the relationship, and be full of give and take in your heart ! It won’t be easy but I promise it will be worth it!!


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